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POLICE IN EAST YORKSHIRE are warning local residents that fireworks and sparklers aren’t the only potential danger at this time of year. Burglars may look to target insecure homes while everyone enjoys the festivities outside

Typically, bonfire parties held at home tend to take place in rear gardens making an insecure front door or window an easy and quick opportunity for a burglar looking for an easy target.

Leaving valuable items in clear view near doors or windows can also be tempting enough for a thief to force entry making it important not to leave anything on show when in another part of the house or outside enjoying the festivities.

Sneak-in burglaries are committed by opportunists rather than master criminals. They are quick to spot open windows to steal a mobile phone or an open door to steal a hand bag

To help reduce the risk of residents falling foul of sneak thieves, Humberside Police have developed an online Home Security Challenge. Residents can play the challenge by visiting Note: This is a simple game to identify issues in a typical home that would make it more attractive to a burglar. The Challenge did not work properly on the Hedon Blog computer so unfortunately we have not been able to test-drive it!

Please leave a comment and let readers know if you have found the Challenge game useful.

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