HOTI LogoOver 100 people attended the Hull and Holderness Opposes The Incinerator public meeting in Hedon’s Alexandra Hall last night (Friday 26th June 2009).

Campaigner Malcolm Lynn explained the background to the campaign and HOTI’s objections to the proposed incinerator and appeal for more positive and sustainable  alternatives to be used instead.

Laura Gyte, a laywer from the Friends of the Earth Rights and Justice Centre, explained how the incinerator project could breach European legislation on the ‘fair procurement of contracts’. The Rights and Justice Centre would help HOTI make a complaint to the EC (European Commission) which if successful would prompt an EC challenge into the project.

Also, upon publication of the Environment Agency’s formal documention granting a permit to operate the incinerator, then HOTI and the Rights and Justice Centre would be contacting a barrister to see what grounds there might be for a legal challenge on that issue.

HOTI Chair and East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Peter Turner  summed up the contributions from the main speakers and condemned the incinerator as “yesterday’s answer” to very real current problems and declared that the fight against the incinerator was only just beginning!

During the public question and answer session two speakers expressed the concern that HOTI had lost the public impetus and opportunities to get people involved. The campaign had not built upon the support of over 1,000 people who marched from Hedon to Saltend in July 2006 to demonstrate against the incinerator .

Peter Turner confirmed that the legal challenges may take months to progress but that HOTI would take into account all the views expressed at the meeting and urged people to leave their contact details to receive the latest information.

Note : Unfortunately the official HOTI website highlighted above does not seem to have been updated for some time, however it still remains a useful source of background information on this issue.

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