Walking the Riding

Paull old lighthouse
Paull old lighthouse

The East Riding News (now conveniently available online) always contains useful information from our local council. The current issue comments on the revamp of the council’s website for walkers – Walking the Riding.

The redesigned website at www.walkingtheriding.co.uk contains over 250 walks that can be completed on foot as well as identifying routes for bikes and horses.

The database of walks can be searched for walks in particular areas. A search on “Hedon” brought up four walks in the Southern Holderness Area that pass through the town, including a 3.5mile “short stroll” from Patrington to a cracking 12 mile hike from Hull to Winestead.

Each walk contains information about accessibility – so people in motorised scooters, with prams, etc can plan routes that are suitable for them.

Another potentially essential feature of the website is a walkers’ forum that if utilised (you have to register) will allow people to leave useful comments about the walks and pass on useful information – an essential service that might also help contribute towards the maintenance of particular routes by bringing issues to the attention of those responsible.

The website contains additional guides on walking and on the East Riding; a Frequently Asked Questions section will undoubtedly be improved as the website gets more users and feedback.

In short – a very useful website! Congratulations to the East Riding Council and all those involved in publishing it.

Image: Paull old lighthouse – photo taken on walk from Hedon to Paull via Saltend (along the river).

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