Polling stations in the European Elections have been open since 7:00am today and will close at 10pm tonight.

Voting is taking place across the 27 Member countries in the European Union, and in total 736 Members of the European Parliament will be elected. 6 will be chosen in the Yorkshire and Humber region and there will be 72 representing the UK.

You have one vote for the party of your choice. There are 12 parties standing in the Yorkshire and Humber region – the list from the UK Office of the European Parliament is reproduced below.

Other countries will be voting on different days, and therefore the results will be declared after 9pm on Sunday 7 June 2009.

There are two polling stations in Hedon, one at Alexandra Hall, St Augustine’s Gate, Hedon and a second at Preston South Village Hall, Princes Avenue, Hedon.

Candidates are listed below in alphabetical order of parties.

British National Party

1. Andrew Henry William Brons
2. Nick Cass
3. Chris Beverley
4. Marlene Guest
5. Paul Anthony Harris
6. Trevor David Brown
Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”1. Sid Cordle
2. Andrew David McClintock
3. Angela Carolyn MacDonald
4. John O’Brien
5. Samantha Clare Cauldwell
6. Rebecca Ann Jones
Conservative Party1. Edward Hugh Christian McMillan-Scott
2. Timothy John Robert Kirkhope
3. Fleur Josephine Butler
4. Matthew Allen Bean
5. Nicholas James Burrows
6. Glynis Joan Frew
English Democrats Party1. Michael William Cassidy
2. Joanne Robinson
3. Peter Davies
4. David Basil Wildgoose
5. Paul Henry Adrian McEnhill
6. Geoffrey Lawrence Crossman
Jury Team1. Barbara Hibbert
2. Anthony Robert Hooper
3. Ben Saxton
Liberal Democrats1. Diana Paulette Wallis
2. Stewart David Arnold
3. Rebecca Elisabeth Taylor
4. James Monaghan
5. Nader Fekri
6. Neil Poole
No2EU: Yes to Democracy

1. Keith Allan Gibson
2. Celia Elizabeth Foote
3. Jackie Grunsell
4. Peter Rowland March
5. Michael Francis Davies
6. Juliet Marie Boddington
Pro Democracy: Libertas.eu1. Anthony John Devoy
2. Edward Francis Devoy
3. Stephen Andrew Clark
4. Diana MacLeod
5. Trevor John Bending
6. Kathleen Harris
Socialist Labour Party1. William Kenneth Capstick
2. Linda Venice Sheridan
3. Stephen Edward Yoxall
4. Holly Jo Yoxall
5. Terence Robinson
6. Christopher Robert Butler
The Green Party1. Martin Hemingway
2. Shan Oakes
3. Leslie Rowe
4. Lesley Hedges
5. Kevin Warnes
6. Steve Barnard
The Labour Party1. Linda McAvan
2. Richard Graham Corbett
3. Emma Elizabeth Hoddinott
4. David Bowe
5. Melanie Onn
6. Mahroof Hussain
United Kingdom Independence Party1. Godfrey William Bloom
2. Jonathan William Arnott
3. Jason Paul Smith
4. Tobias Horton
5. David Daniel
6. Lynette Afshar

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