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Mail Clampdown on the Clampers


Lots of interest in parking issues lately from the Hull Daily Mail. The local Media giant has previously launched a campaign – perhaps seen by some as controversial – against parking charges being proposed by East Riding Council.

Now however – to almost universal delight – they have taken on the clampers! Yes – the local clampers who attach a big yellow clamp to your car wheel and then charge £100 to have it taken off and £250 if a tow truck is called are being tackled!

If people feel they have been unfairly treated by clamping firms, then they can ring a CLAMPING HOTLINE on 01482 315267 and get their case highlighted.

The Mail has also successfully convinced local businesses and organisations not to employ over-zealous clamping firms.

Follow the Mail’s Clampers News as it unravels at www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/clampers

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