A new Park & Ride facility into Hull may be built on the site of the old Hedon Aerodrome. This suggestion has been hinted at on the Hull & East Riding Website today. This possibility has come about because of new government grants awarded to Hull City Council.

The old aerodrome site is situated between Saltend and Hedon (see Geograph)  between the main road and the former railway line, behind the Kingstown Hotel. It is owned by Hull City Council –  despite being in the East Riding.

Hull Council purchased the land as a municipal airport in 1929. The airport was closed down at the beginning of World War II and made unusuable to prevent enemy planes landing there. It never re-opened.

For those interested in the history of the aerodrome, the FlightGlobal Archive from 1933 provides an insight into its dimensions (note second article after Cardiff).

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