Online Queens Head?

Online Queens Head?

In a small town like Hedon (pop 7,000+) you expect some things to be ‘behind the times’. However, as far as the internet is concerned THERE really is no excuse. The internet can link communities together regardless of where these are located. Of course communities (organisations, businesses, groups and individuals) need to exist in the first place, but the internet can also help in their development.

Two centres of community that exist in most areas are the local faith-based building (usually a church hall) or the local pub. This post is concentrating on the latter.

Hedon is home to the following public houses:

  • The Queens Head
  • The Kings Head
  • Shakespeare Inn
  • Haven Arms
  • The Kingstown (not the pub’s own website)
  • The Station

You see by the links above that these have very little online presence. The Haven Arms website consists of a front-page only – perhaps it is under construction and more pages will follow?

Why does it matter? Well…I for one would like to know what these centres of my community have to offer. Each pub’s website could tell me what ales are on offer and any guest beers that are crying out to be sampled. It could list the soft-drink options for drivers. It could tantalize me with the snacks and meals on offer. And….significantly in a rather sleepy town like Hedon…. it could tell me what entertainment was on. When do the pub quizzes happen, what artists are appearing, what ‘gossip’ or news is there to report! What pub teams can I join – what special outings to support Hull City might be on offer?

Yes… my knowledge of these establishments could be greatly increased through browsing their websites. And if these websites used a blogging format then we could get valuable comments and feedback from customers about those establishments.

And if these were regularly updated and sent out Twitter updates to excited customers… then you never know, custom might even pick up! Surely a good thing in these credit crunching times!

Yes I know I could call in to each of these establishments and look at notice boards, pick up menus, etc, where they exist. But time is valuable and money scarce – and quite frankly I can’t be bothered! Why have an internet dog and bark yourself!

There are some excellent review websites out there that are informed by the public who use these places such as Trusted Places (see this review for Haven Arms). But are they up to date and relevant today?

I’d love to add the local online pubs to the links on this website!

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