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Ghost in Hedon!

GHOST in Hedon captured on photo!

OK – We’ve got your interest!?

Well, this is a bit of a cheat really, because the content of this New Page has not been decided yet. It could very well be about Ghosts in Hedon, but it could also be about other things! And your help would be appreciated in deciding what this page on the Blog should be about:

So what’s missing on the Hedon Blog?

This new page can feature… well, just about anything!

So what would YOU like to see featured on the Blog?

The What’s On page is very popular. People regularly go to that page to find out about the latest community and public events taking place in Hedon and area.

What else would be useful to local residents and would encourage them to visit the Hedon Blog?

A few ideas:

  • A list of Neighbourhood Reports (things you want to highlight or complain about, or give compliments about) that the authorities ought to know about.
  • Weather forecast
  • News from the rest of Holderness
  • Entertainments page – Listing of entertainment (bands, artists) in local pubs, etc.
  • A features page i.e. one that features things in the local news but more in-depth than normal. The General Election coverage for example.
  • A Youth Page – if we can get some willing young bloggers!
  • History – Catalogue and comment on the amazing history of the town and Holderness… including its Ghosts!

Please leave your ideas below! Any accepted!

4 thoughts on “Ghost in Hedon!

  1. Excellent looking website, nice to see local people taking pride in their local community.
    I have had several years of Paranormal research investigating Hull and surrounding areas and have heard several stories regarding Hedon and it’s paranormal past. This photo, however, looks to be early 20th century when the exposure was much longer than it is today, as such, it appears that some unwitting pedestrian has been caught on film.

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