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Preston South sign 2015

Preston (South) Parish Councillors

In many ways individual parish councillors strive to champion the views of local people they represent. Quite often the work that they undertake is behind the scenes, unsung and unrecognised. Yet it is a valuable role within the community. With this in mind it is timely to offer congratulations to Tracy Lister and Geoff Bell on being elected.

Hedon Google Map - Areas

Where do you live?

WE ARE DOING a quick poll to find out where in Hedon our readers actually live. We can use the information gathered to work out if we need to do more to gather news from particular areas. We have split Hedon up into SIX areas – always a […]

What's going on in Preston (South)?

Preston South – little Hedon?

ON THE HULL ROAD entrance to Hedon you actually hit Preston (South) before arriving in the town itself. But for all intents and purposes most people probably consider themselves ‘in Hedon’ when seeing the Kingstown Hotel. However, a lot of people who live in Preston (South) do consider themselves as residents […]