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Graham Stuart Re-elected

Congratulations to Graham Stuart on his re-election as Member of Parliament for the Beverley and Holderness Constituency. The results of the poll are as follows: Graham Stuart – Conservative – 25,063 Craig Dobson – Liberal Democrats – 12,076 Ian Saunders – Labour Party – 11,224 Neil Whitelam – British National Party – 2,080 Andy Horsfield … Continue reading

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Who to vote for on Thursday May 6th? Candidates answer Hedon questions

ELECTION 2010: THE GENERAL ELECTION Prospective Parliamentary Candidates have all being asked the following two questions by the Hedon Blog: 1. What are your views on the building of a waste burning incinerator at Saltend near Hedon? 2. If elected, then what will be the major changes you would like to bring about that would … Continue reading

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Election leaflets delivered in Hedon

ELECTION 2010: THE HEDON BLOG is playing a role in a non-partisan project to monitor election material that is circulated in Hedon. The Straight Choice is an real-time election leaflet project. The ambition is to create a live visualization of the flood of party political leaflets as they are delivered across the country during an … Continue reading