Announcement: HU12 Online ‘trading’
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Announcement: HU12 Online ‘trading’

REPRODUCED FROM HU12 ONLINE: HU12 ONLINE starts ‘trading’ from Wednesday 7th March 2012. The website (HU12 Online) will play the role of a ‘hyperlocal’ news agency which will gather and collect local news,  information and events, from – and relevant to – the South Holderness towns and villages. As well as being published on HU12 Online, … Continue reading

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HU12 Website – monthly favourites

THE HEDON BLOG’S PARENT website, HU12, has developed its own particular audience. The website caters for those involved in civic society in this postal code area. It will be of particular interest to those voluntary and small-business people active in community affairs. In February the following issues recorded the most interest on HU12: Join the … Continue reading