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Election leaflets delivered in Hedon

ELECTION 2010: THE HEDON BLOG is playing a role in a non-partisan project to monitor election material that is circulated in Hedon. The Straight Choice is an real-time election leaflet project. The ambition is to create a live visualization of the flood of party political leaflets as they are delivered across the country during an … Continue reading

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Energy and Waste: What do you think?

ELECTION 2010: THE BBC POLITICS SHOW has featured a debate on Energy and Waste which included Beverley and Holderness Conservative candidate Graham Stuart. Here are some snippets taken from Graham Stuart’s comments on the programme that indicate his policy positions on three key issues. But what do you think? NUCLEAR POWER: Government advisers have said … Continue reading

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Election 2010: Candidates criticise East Riding Council top pension payout

ELECTION 2010: PROSPECTIVE PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATES for Beverley and Holderness have criticised the decision by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to award a top pension payout of £364,205 to a council officer who is retiring early. As reported in the Town Hall Rich List earlier this month, Sue Lockwood the council officer concerned had already recieved … Continue reading