Spurn and St Augustine’s by Local iPad Artist

spurn point light
Spurn Point light
king of holderness
King of Holderness

THESE STUNNING IMAGES have been painted by local artist Grahame Tranmer – on his iPad!

Grahame tells us: “Although I have painted and drawn a lot in the past with various mediums its always been a bit of a chore getting all the gear out and clearing up. That’s why this iPad painting is perfect for me.

I was inspired to have a go after watching David Hockney interviewed on the box. There are a few apps available and after reading the reviews I plumbed for Inspire pro. I find it very easy to get to know and use. It offers four brushes and pallet knife all of which can be changed in size. It has a dry bush to mix and drag – it’s just like painting for real but without the mess.

After bit of practice I tried a few local scenes, places I love – and hope to do a lot more. Hope you like them.”

The iPad is well-known for its ability to showcase films and music – but this is the first time we have seen the tablet computer used to create such wonderful local Holderness artwork.

If pen and ink artist FS Smith was still alive today (read about the exhibition at Hedon Museum) – we think he would have been using his tablet computer to re-create the world around him!

Click on the images above to go to Graham’s Flickr Page and see more of his iPad art.

Have you had a go at digitally drawing local scenes? Do you feel inspired by Grahame to give it a go? Then send your art work into us to showcase on the Blog!

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