It’s INDEPENDENTS’ DAY on July 4th 2012

A NATIONAL CAMPAIGN aimed at celebrating the UK’s independent retailers was launched last month by Skillsmart Retail, the Sector Skills Council.

Retail Independents’ Day encourages the public to buy at least one thing from their local, independent shop on Wednesday 4th July 2012.

Over the next three months, the campaign is encouraging shops and other retailers to download the campaign posters from its website and make plans to celebrate the day in their stores and join forces with others to hold special events to capture the public’s imagination.

One of the supporting organisations behind National Independents’ Day is the National Market Traders Federation who are already supporting the Love Your Local Market campaign which encompasses July 4th.

Wednesday 4th July 2012 is also a Market Day in Hedon – so perhaps this is the perfect day to do something for both campaigns!?

The Retail Independents Campaign website has lots of ideas for the day and posters, web banners and other material to download.

Visit: Retail Independents Day

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  1. Hi!
    It’s Independent Retailer Month throughout July 2012, and we’re supporting partners of Retail Indie Day… If you like the idea of leveraging the whole of July to create plenty of excitement, activities, events and promotions to draw consumers back to their local, independent retailers then please take a look at as well!
    Our supporters include:
    NMTF – National Market Traders Federation
    NABMA – National Association of British Market Authorities
    BIRA – British Independent Retailers Association
    ATCM – Association of Town Centre Management
    AMT – Action for Market Towns
    Skillsmart Retail – the folks behind indie day…
    FSB – Federation of Small Businesses
    to name a few…

    Happy retailing ALL July long :-)


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