Talking About Local Community Websites #TAL10

THE HEDON BLOGGER is delighted to be in Leeds at the weekend taking part in Talk About Local 2010. This event will bring together some of the most enthusiastic hyperlocal publishers in the country.

The event has been organised at the Old Broadcasting House in partnership with the Guardian newspaper’s Local Initiative.

All the key things that help and support community and local newsgathering websites to continue to bring you the local ‘news’ will be under discussion.

Unlike a traditional ‘conference’ the items under discussion are not arranged by the organisers in advance, but arranged by those attending on the day. Whilst this might seem chaotic, in actual fact it ensures that people get to discuss what they really want to.

Early pre-discussions indicate that sessions are likely to take place on:

  • Newsgathering methods
  • Covering the General Election
  • Meeting the costs (even a ‘free’ blog costs!)
  • Hyperlocal – the next steps?

I wrote about last years event which was inspirational and had me buzzing for weeks. I expect to come back with the same fire and determination from this event!

For those of you on Twitter, then you can follow the event at #TAL10 search.

Source: My seldom updated Blog Social Media: It’s about Building Relationships

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